Sorry for my vent on Monday.  But I admit, it DID make me feel a tad better.  I was on such a roll, I forgot to include my 30 to 30 list…whoops!


Remember on my 30 to 30 list when I showed the “happy” fabric I received in the mail (I ordered it from  Well guess what?  I made curtains!  No-sew, happy curtains at that.

I decided my patio doors needed something light and fun, so I decided to veto the blinds.  And when you are the only one in the house who can veto things, it usually goes your way 🙂

I went to Target and purchased 2 white curtain panels for $10/piece.  Then I measured my happy fabric to match the width of the curtain (plus an additional inch on each side), and measured it to the height I wanted (it was just over 1/3 of the curtains height).  That’s when things got serious.  And no-sew heat hem became my friend (purchased at Wal-Mart for around $3).  I ironed the sides of the happy fabric down so it looked like it had been sewed.  Then, I laid it on the curtain and attached it with another strip of the no-sew hem.  And VIOLA!  Curtains!

I used little clippy things (yep, that is the technical term) to hang them…but forgot about that when I measured where to hang the curtain rod.

So they are a little long.  I might just remove the clippy things and actually put them on the rod.

And a close up:

I love how bright and cheery they make the kitchen feel!  I am not sure how long the no-sew hem will last (I hope it is a permanent thing!).  Also, I completely over ordered the fabric.  Not being that crafty of a person, I wasn’t sure how many yards to order, and I ordered about 5 times more than I needed…meaning you will see a few more projects out of the happy fabric!

The total project came out cheaper than what I would have spent on the curtains I found on etsy, which is the only place I could find chevron curtains.  I also decided not to do the whole curtain in the chevron fabric (I thought it might look a bit too wild for me).

Anyone else have fun projects they are working on?


30 to 30 update…Keep Smiling!

Day 1: Treated myself to Starbuck’s, and then treated the car behind me!

Day 2: Made dinner for a friend

Day 3: Started a book

Day 4: Attempted to make cookies, ate cookie dough.

Day 5: Night out

Day 6: Enjoyed the sun

Day 7: Cute fabric in the mail

Day 8: Bug catching

Day 9: Seed was finally laid in our yard (hopefully we have grass soon!)

Day 10: Yogurt!

Day 11: Friday night football

Day 12: Homecoming fun

Day 13: Pumpkin patch

Day 14: Nana came over to watch HJ so I could go to a work-out class

Day 15: Kindermusik! 

Day 16: Hair cut

Day 17: My friend Kristin brought her boys over for dinner.  We threw some pizza in the oven while the boys ran around.  We ate dinner (while the boys ran around) and caught up (while the boys ran around).

Day 18: My sister and her kids came to town!  HJ was soooo excited to see them.

Day 19: Family fun day!  We spent the day with my sister and her kids again as well as my parents.  I also scored big time at a garage sale on Toy Story toys

Day 20: My mom and I went to the craft show at UNI.  I got a few cute stocking stuffers!

Day 21: I found out I had helped a girl land a job, she was so happy!

Day 22: Went to dinner with a friend I had not talked to in a while, it was great to catch up.

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  1. I love the curtains!

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