Computers were irritating me yesterday, so I had to wait until today to post about our weekend.  And seriously, we had such a super fun weekend.  I love how much fun HJ is!

Let’s start with Thursday…

We had a minor accident

It involved learning that we could not fly off of decks.  It also involved tears from HJ and a few from SingleMama.  Luckily, it was nothing a little yogurt couldn’t fix (after I had a panicked Facebook status update and a random mother in a parking lot make me feel better).

HJ is anti-utensils.

Friday  night we met some friends at a local high school football game.

HJ thought it was oh so much fun to cheer…and clapped and shouted right with everyone else.  He also thought it was fun to run up and down the bleachers…kept me on edge!

Saturday morning began our UNI homecoming festivities!  We started at the sorority house for an Alumni event.  HJ loved flirting with all the girls (he even has a favorite) and impressing them all with his mad piano skills.  After that we went over to the Family Event.  HJ ran around collecting balloons, cookies, and all sorts of little treats.

By the time with left HJ was falling asleep on my shoulder…poor little monkey!

That night we had something major happen.

I mean, super major.

HJ asked to go potty.

AND HE WENT!  we celebrated with a sticker on his potty chart (ok, so I let him have 5 stickers).  I WAS SO EXCITED!!!

Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day out…so we spent it at the pumpkin patch…

We went to a place in Waverly, Iowa that I recently heard about.  It was AMAZING!  They had a cute petting zoo, where we got to pet mini ponies and bunnies and hang out with a buck tooth llama.  HJ also spent quite a bit of time chasing a mama duck and her babies…until mama duck started looking a little pissed off.  We rode on pedal tractors and went down hay bale slides.  There was a pirate ship full of corn with shovels and buckets.  We went on a tractor ride and saw a haunted corn maze.  We also got to pick out pumpkins from the field

There was a little cafe that had yummy sugar cookies and apple cider so we could relax for a minute.  HJ loved every minute there (as did I).  Our weekend ended with a  family dinner at my parent’s house where HJ told his great grandma and grandpa all about his weekend!

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


30 to 30 update…Keep Smiling!

Day 1: Treated myself to Starbuck’s, and then treated the car behind me!

Day 2: Made dinner for a friend

Day 3: Started a book

Day 4: Attempted to make cookies, ate cookie dough.

Day 5: Night out

Day 6: Enjoyed the sun

Day 7: Cute fabric in the mail

Day 8: Bug catching

Day 9: Seed was finally laid in our yard (hopefully we have grass soon!)

Day 10: Yogurt!

Day 11: Friday night football

Day 12: Homecoming fun

Day 13: Pumpkin patch

Day 14: Nana came over to watch HJ so I could go to a work-out class

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  1. That yogurt looks amazingly delish!! Hooray for potty time! And my daughter is also anti-utensil lol

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