My parents have an amazing amount of crap, er…treasures in their basement.  While hunting down there the other day, I came across this:

Nice and dusty, right?  I remember it hanging in my grandparent’s house growing up (apparently my grandma inherited it from her mom or grandma).  I looked it over and decided it might not look so bad in a different color.  In fact, it might look cute in my room!  So, I sanded it down, sprayed it with primer, and then spray painted it white (I have never spray painted a thing).  Needless to say, dark spots in the wood showed through and I thought I had ruined the shelf.  I attempted to sand it down and spray it one more time, and it worked!

I decided to hang it in the corner of my bedroom, but that is when I learned that antique shelfs do not have the things on the back to hang them.  So it sat in my room for a while.  I eventually came up with a “solution” that you can’t see from far away, but up close it doesn’t look the best.

Here is the finished product:

I like that it is kind of girly

I just put things on the shelf that I already had.  The only new thing I purchased was this frame:

Notice my ghetto hook solution to hang the shelf…

The heart frame has a picture of HJ’s footprints from the day he was born (make my heart melt!).

Anyone have a better solution to hang the shelf?


30 to 30 update…Keep Smiling!

Day 1: Treated myself to Starbuck’s, and then treated the car behind me!

Day 2: Made dinner for a friend

Day 3: Started a book

Day 4: Attempted to make cookies, ate cookie dough.

Day 5: Night out

Day 6: Enjoyed the sun

Day 7: Received super cute fabric in the mail for my next project:

It just looks happy!

Day 8: HJ had a sick day (no, this isn’t what made me smile).  See his angry face…

Right before bed time, he was feeling a bit better, so we went outside and…

Caught a bug!!!  (EEKS, I HATE bugs!!! But, HJ loves them, so I pretend to love them too…ah, the joys of parenting!)

Look how happy it made him…

Love that little smile!!

2 Thoughts on “Basement Deals

  1. He is sooo adorable I love his smile :)
    I am a huge fan of thrift shops, tag sales, and flea markets! It’s my secret obsession and I love finding cool stuff to refurbish. I recently found a great antique chair someone was throwing out on the side of the street (Yes I’m one of those people lol) the seat was not in great condition but it just needs to be reupholstered with new fabric I get so excited about these projects ha! They have this fun show on lifetime called the Picker Sisters that do stuff like this. Your shelf came out great!

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