Around the first of every month, I always log-in to the Child Support Recovery page to see how much deadbeat decided to pay for the previous month.  Like I said before, he pays enough to keep the state off his back, but not even enough to cover even a week of daycare.  When a payment isn’t marked down, I call our “case worker” to let her know.  Today she told me it had been paid on the first of the month.  Then I let her know she was looking at the wrong month…she LOVES when I point these things out to her.  She grumbled about checking into it and let me know that I shouldn’t make it my issue.

Right, because my son’s money isn’t my issue.

I recently found out that deadbeat, his girlfriend and their daughter (who is 5 months younger than HJ) moved to Las Vegas.  I have been wondering if he changed his number, so I figured today was as good as any to find out.  I called him to check on the payment.  We haven’t talked since the beginning of May.  And I called him.  This was an hour ago and I am still shaking.

I dialed his number, and he answered.  Crap.

He never answers when he knows its me.  I figured I would leave a voicemail.  But he answered.

“Hey Nate,”  I said in a wayyyyy to cheerful voice, “It’s SingleMama.  How are you?”

“Oh hey, I am actually a little sick today.”

“Um, I am sorry?.”  I was a little unsure how to respond to that.  We haven’t talked in months and now you are telling me about your cold?

He then told me that they moved to Vegas and he was still unsure if it was a good move or not.  He finally found a construction job working 20 hours a week and is hoping to find something full-time.  He asks how things are with me, and I responded with a generic, “good!”.

He then said he had a call from the Child Support Recovery office asking for his payment and informed me he mailed it last week, but would check his car to make sure he didn’t forget it…uh huh.

He went on to tell me that he was going to call to tell me they were moving, but he lost his phone.  So he was glad I called because he wasn’t sure how to get in touch with me (apparently, email was not an option).

We said good-bye and that was it.  It irritates me to no end that he never asks about HJ.  It irritates me to no end that he acts like we are old friends when we talk.  He irritates me to no end.


And clearly, this is needed today…

30 to 30 update…Keep Smiling!

Day 1: Treated myself to
Starbuck’s, and then treated the car behind me!

Day 2: Made dinner for a friend

Day 3: Started a book

Day 4: Attempted to make cookies, but once everything had been added but the baking soda…I realized I had no baking soda.  Blessing in disguise, I LOVE COOKIE DOUGH!  It gave me a reason to eat the cookie dough and not feel bad!

Day 5: Night out!  My parent’s volunteered to take HJ for the night so I could go out with two of my favorite people, Kristin and Trent.  We had dinner, and then went on a bar hop around Main Street.

And we had yummy espresso martinis

Day 6: Sunshine.  It was a ridiculously gorgeous day, just look!

We went over to Kristin and Trent’s to play outside.  Look at all the kiddos, frikken cute.

HJ and I had the perfect sunshine (and he got a hair-cut) kind of day!

One Thought on “The Phone Call

  1. Those martini’s look delish!! Looks like a good way to celebrate your 30 before 30

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