HJ, Ty dog and myself are getting settled in the new house.  The first room I wanted to make feel finished was HJ’s.  That way he would be settled, feel at home and hopefully sleep like a champ (right…).  So here is his room:

There is his big boy truck bedding.  The bedding is by JoJo designs, and I purchased it on Beyond Bedding after scouring the internet for the best price.  I actually found the bedrail at a 2nd hand store for $5 (I love bargains!).  See the cute green night stand?  That was actually my grandma’s (which was a dark wood), then my mom’s (still dark), then it was mine (white with blue stars) and then Nana painted it green for HJ.  She painted it to match his monkey crib bedding, so I was thrilled when it matched the truck bedding too!  His lamp is from JC Penney (also purchased for the monkey room).  It was never really used in his nursery though, because he would kick and pull at it.  Clearly he is becoming so mature!

Moving on…HJ’s curtain’s came with the bedding.  His baskets of books (which is never that organized) are from Land of Nod.  Ty refused to move from the window for the picture…

I love the cute sticker decals!  Nana bought those for HJ from Target.  He loves to run his toy trucks along the roadway (which I am sure is great on the walls).  They are just stickers and easily remove!

The next corner…HJ’s dresser (from JC Penney) and changing pad (which he never actually will lay on anymore).  This is also where we threw his baskets of toys!  And finally, his super cute truck canvas pictures!  I purchased these on etsy from LullabyArt.  I actually sent the artist the link with his bedding and she made the pictures based on that!  How amazing is she?!?  HJ loves pointing out the trucks to everyone who comes in his room.

I love how HJ’s room has turned out so far, and he is so excited to show new visitors his cool truck room.

30 to 30 update…Keep Smiling!

Day One: Treated myself to Starbuck’s, and then treated the car behind me!

Day Two: Made dinner for a friend

Day 3: Started a book.

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