A few weeks ago, I travelled to Door County, Wisconsin for one of my wonderful friend’s wedding.  (HJ stayed with Nana and Papa)  It was a bit of a drive (7 hours), but holy crap was it BEAUTIFUL…

My friend, Danielle, was FINALLY marrying Matt.  I say FINALLY, because I think they were dating for about 9 years.

I got in town Friday night and checked in at the resort.  The resort had the most beautiful view overlooking Lake Michigan..and I got to sleep in.  It was AWESOME.  On Saturday morning, I ran to get coffee and rolls and headed to the bride’s room to help her get ready (I was a personal attendant after all).

We spent the morning getting ready, sipping mimosas, chit-chatting and picture-taking.  Afternoon rolled around, and the beautiful bride was ready to wed.

Seriously, how beautiful was she?!?!

The personal attendants tracked down the surprisingly calm groom (I think he may have had a drink or two) to snap a picture with him.

The ceremony was breathtaking…and short.  Like seriously short.  I think it was about 3 minutes long.

I spent more time trying to track down the judge then she spent on the ceremony.

After the ceremony, more pictures were taken….

What, don’t you always hold hands and wander around with your friends?

Cocktail hour rolled around…and I am quite certain it did not end until bed time.  Allison (the other personal attendant), had frightened the bartender into free drinks for herself and anyone with her (or as she put it…”He just really likes me”).  All of the guests had clearly put on their dancing shoes, and the dance floor was crazy all night.

Dancing shoes=no shoes for us apparently…

I had a blast dancing the night away with some of my favorite people and got to sleep in another morning!

The next morning I went to check out of the room (Allison, her husband and I were supposed to share a room, but the resort messed up on our reservation and gave us another room…so we didn’t all have to share a bed).  When I went to pay, the desk clerk told me no one had been staying in the room I was checking out of, even though I had been there 2 nights.  He also had no one  in the room they had moved Allison to.  No receipt was found for us and I was told to hand over my key and to drive safely…how awesome is that?

It was hard being away from HJ for the weekend, and I may have called Nana and Papa 83 times, but it was nice to have adult conversation!

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