**Warning-There are lots of pictures in this post!!

I went a little crazy for HJ’s first birthday party.  I had it planned by August (his birthday is in November).  It all started when I saw the cutest cake toppers ever.

I instantly knew HJ’s birthday theme would be frogs and placed my order for this cute little thing:

I then started scouring etsy.  I found someone to design invitations.  And she worked with me step by step until I was 100% satisfied.

And how stinking cute is that frog hat?  I admit, it was hard to get a picture of HJ smiling with the hat on…but the picture is one of my favorites!  The hat is from another shop on etsy, the Little Knitter Boutique.

I also wanted to find a frog shirt.  Turns out, etsy has TONS.  But I fell for this one:

It was from the tinySunshine shop on etsy.

The night before the party, my sister, brother-in-law and I made food, and the morning of was spent decorating and frosting cupcakes.  everything turned out just how I was hoping and we had a blast!

Here is the cupcake table set up and ready to go:

I made HJ his own smash cake

It was the first time I had let him have sweets, and he was a HUGE fan.

I had some friends travel to come and help celebrate

We kept the kids occupied with frog coloring pages and frog cookies to frost

I decided for the big TWO to not go quite as overboard.  We definitely won’t be having as many people (there were 15 kids at his first party!  15!)  And I hopefully will not spend as much.  Of course I have picked a theme though.  It was inspired by this….

3 Thoughts on “Turning One

  1. Frogs are my favvvvooorite! Such a cute party! Can’t wait to see pics from the next one.

  2. Love the frog!

    I am hosting a Party Party on Mums Make Lists for birthday party posts, pins and pics – old and new – and would love for you to link up x


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