Remember last week when I was bragging about my son’s amazing artistic ability?

I totally deserved this…

Yesterday morning, while I was getting ready, HJ ran into the bathroom all excited. “LOOK MOMMY!” Covered.  Head to toe…literally, even his toes were colored.  I had to cover a laugh.  I let him know that he can only color on paper, and that body art is an unaccceptable way to start our day.  I then put him in time out.

During time out, he was having so much fun looking his arms and legs over.  I would randomly hear “OHHHH petty!”.  So, I don’t think the time out had much of a punishment feel to it as usual.  I think the worst part for him was having to get a bath to scrub off the marker.

Washable crayola does come off skin easily, but leaves red marks…it also easily washes out of clothes (just in case you were wondering).

And yes, I was a little late for work yesterday morning due to the marker incident!

3 Thoughts on “The Artist Strikes Back

  1. hahaha sorry to laugh but I could totally picture this aww him sitting in timeout admiring his artwork lol. I just found your blog on single mamas blog and wanted to check it out. I’m a new single mom and have been searching for single mom blogs to read as support

  2. Why kids find drawing on themselves interesting is beyond me. My daughter’s done it too. So strange. Glad everything came out easily!

  3. I did that once! Well, kinda. I was four. And it was nail polish instead of marker. Let’s just say that I STILL remember that bath. .. almost 25 years later!

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