My son is an amazing artist.  His artwork covers the fridge, hangs in frames and is even scattered around the floor.  Clearly I needed a better system to display his masterpieces.  Something that I could easily switch around on a weekly basis.

I am not sure where I came up with this idea, but I must have seen it somewhere.  I don’t think I am creative enough to think of it on my own.  Here is what the solution was:

It is 2 pieces of thin wood (no clue what it is supposed to be used for…maybe trim??) that I strolled by at Hobby Lobby.  I painted it with the left over paint from the table and then painted clothes pins that I had from a baby shower.  I super glued those onto the boards and then screwed them into the wall (well, my dad did that part, power tools scare the bejesus out of me).

And TADA!  Art hangy wall things (yup, that is what I am calling them).

I think they look decent…looks like HJ needs to get coloring though!

In case you are wondering what he is doing in the picture…

He is trying to ride a fire truck up a slide.  Safety first in our household!


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