I like to think I am a happy person.  I have fun.  Love playing with my little man.  But I have a serious dislike.


Before dating HJ’s father, I loved going on dates.  Heading out to a nice dinner and drinks, being wined and dined, getting dressed up and even putting on make up (GASP!).  I was always dating, never anyone too seriously, just having fun.  I went out with all types (I wasn’t even too picky).  Figured I would give everyone a shot, and heck, a girl has to eat, right?  From a doctor, a teacher,  a lawyer, the penis enlargement sales man (seriously…), an architect, and the hot bartender (yeah, this list could go on and on).  Then I met HJ’s father (I really hate calling him that since he was not ever done anything fatherly).  I fell hard.  I don’t know why.  He didn’t seem so bad, but his friends were trash.  My friends didn’t like hanging out with them.  But for some reason, I loved it.

The next guy I dated was when HJ was almost 1.  He seemed amazing.  Everything I wanted…except, I wasn’t everything he wanted.  I had a kid.

Which brings me to now.  Dating sucks.  It isn’t fun anymore.  I don’t want to waste my time going out with some random guy if I don’t think there is potential there.  I don’t want to play games anymore.  And I definitely wouldn’t waste my time on anyone who I can’t see as a great role model for my son.

It makes so I don’t want to date. I am too picky.  I feel like no one would want to date me because I am a single mom.  I am not looking for pity, this is just honestly how I feel.

2 Thoughts on “My Current Dislike.

  1. No pity coming from this corner of the blog world (I hate feeling like someone is pitying me so I won’t do so to you). I appreciate your transparency. Two of my children (both older than you) have said basically the same thing you just said recently…they hate the dating scene for similar reasons. I know I would feel the same way. DM

  2. Agree 100%…dating is such a chore when you’re a single mom. And no one seems like they’ll ever be good enough.

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