Something you may not know about me…I was a sorority girl.  Think what you may about sorority girls, but I would not trade my experience for anything.  I met some of the most wonderful, compassionate women and many of my best friends.

When I moved back to Cedar Falls, I was asked to be the Chapter Advisor for my sorority.  I thought it was ridiculous that I was going to be considered a role model and advisor for 60 plus women, but also thought it could be fun.

Being the advisor has not caused me too much stress or even to much energy…until this past weekend.  This was my first experience at seeing sorority recruitment as an advisor.  And I tell ya what…I am frikken tired. 

The girls meet over 120 girls and narrowed that down to a list of 20 amazing women to add to their chapter.  We had parties, events, we cooked and cleaned.  I stayed up late tallying things and reading thoughts girls had jotted down.  I woke up early to attend advisor meetings.  I was amazed at the girls dedication and excitement.  And amazed at the quickness they were able to mess up a clean kitchen.

Seeing the process reminded me of how much the sorority will shape these women.  How it will give them leadership experience that not only looks good on a resume but will prepare them for their future.  How they are meeting their future bridemaids and shoulders to cry on.

I wish I could tell them all things I learned and how to not dwell on the little things (that they think are big).  I wish I could tell them how they will look back at their time in college and want to laugh and cry at the same time.  I hope they realize it is all going to pass quickly.

One Thought on “Rush Rush

  1. enjoyed reading about sorority life. congratulations on being asked to be an advisor. That’s quite an honor.

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