I keep seeing pictures of ribbon chandeliers and loving how cute they look.  I “ohhh” and “ahh” over them on pinterest (of course) and figured something that cute must be difficult to make.  I mean….look:

See?  CUTE.

But then I was reading younghouselove, and Sherry’s description made it sound super easy.


Love it!  The toughest part was picking out the ribbons!  I spray painted an embroidery hoop white (which was probably an unnecessary step…it doesnt show at all).  Then I cut the ribbon into 18 inch strips (or close to).  While I cut the ribbon, the glue gun heated up.  I then glued the ribbon onto the hoop!  After the ribbon was covering the hoop completely, I took little bitty hooks and screwed them into the ceiling…that’s it!

The play/guest room is nowhere near complete, but I wanted to hang it up right away.

I think it turned out great, especially considering the amount of effort but into it.  It is even in manly colors for HJ’s manly playroom :).

Have you made anything lately?

I will post pics of the house soon, I promise!  I just need to transfer the pictures from my camera to the computer.  I know the phone pictures don’t turn out the best.

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