I am learning that home ownership is expensive.  And that there is always something to do.  This weekend consisted of cleaning, hanging blinds, filling nail holes and trying to get up the courage to spray a wasp nest with RAID (still hasn’t happened).

I keep finding pretty things I want.  NEED.  Things to help make me feel like the house is “complete”.  Here is what is on my “to do/to buy” list:

I recently painted the laundry room, which is also the entrance from the garage, a bright blue.  I want to paint a white line on one side and hang hooks for coats.  The hallway is too narrow to put up shelves or other forms of storage, so I am thinking might be the best option.  What do I mean white line with hooks?

I mean like that fancy little picture that was on pinterest.  While on the subject of the laundry room…how handy is this?


I also “need” some kind of shelving above the washer/dryer to put things…like laundry detergent.  I hate that I just have it sitting on top of the dryer.

The main/HJ’s bathroom is fairly complete, but I would love to have some built-in shelving in there.  There is this small space that would be perfect for some cute white shelves…I need a handyman.  Also, I think I need a secret compartment in the bathroom to hide things like children’s Tylenol yet still have it be accessible in case he wakes up at 2am from teething (stay tuned for a post later this week on “My Calls to Poison Control”).

The play/guest room is a giant mess right now.  I have not decided on a path to take with this room.  Ideally, it would magically convert into two rooms, one where I could be guest room furniture and one where it is TOYS, TOYS, TOYS.  But I don’t see that happening, so for now I will have to merge the two dreams into one and see what I come up with.  Right now, my thought is:

Some place for mom to rest while HJ tears about the room, and then a bed for the few times a year I have guests!  Besides making a ribbon chandelier, I don’t have other plans for this room.

My room is almost complete!  I have an antique shelf that I painted and want to hang up, but haven’t figured out how to do that yet.  It doesn’t have any hangers (I am sure that is the technical term) on the back.  Any suggestions?  Also, the builder forgot to put a light in the closet…making it hard to find clothes!

The kitchen…I would love to get a new light fixture to better match my pendant lights.  I have had my eye on this one from World Market for YEARS.  Also, the patio needs some curtain/blinds added.  I am shooting for this look from younghouselove

I am not sure the path to take with the living room…I plan to put up a gallery wall behind the big couch, but I really wish I had a sectional (not happening anytime soon).  Also, I want some fun throw pillows.  Like the ones from this etsy store.  But they are a little out of my budget.  I also love yellow throw pillows, I think they will look great with the grey wall.  And curtains for the living room?  No idea.  I like chevron print things, but don’t know if it is to bold for a curtain. 



One Thought on “I Need a Decorator

  1. I love a gallery wall and totally want to put one up, too! I think Chevron curtains would be perfection. Go bold!

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