HJ and I officially moved!  I became a homeowner last Tuesday and spent the rest of last week unpacking, organizing, hanging items and reorganizing things.  I am tired.  BUT EXCITED!!!  As we get more settled, I will share the progress of the rooms (because decorating is ever-changing, right?)

In a completely unrelated topic…who else is addicted to pinterest?  I love it.  My friends and I will even talk about things we saw/pinned/want to do/tried.  If you are wondering what the heck I am even talking about, I can send you a pinterest invite so you can become addicted too (just email/leave a comment with your email address).  I love it.  Have I mentioned that?

I mean where else would you find things like…

Yummy food to try!


Stylish outifts!


Fun crafts to make!


Hilarious quotes!



See?  See why I love it so?

Come join in the fun with me!!

3 Thoughts on “Busy and Tired

  1. I was wondering how your move went last week. I’m a builder so when I saw the photos of your new place, it was fun to hear a home owners perspective…. loved that last quote

  2. I’ve heard of that pinterest before…send me the invite if you can please! 🙂

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