My friend Amy is extremely special to me.  She is the one who went with me to childbirth and breastfeeding classes.  She stood by my side at the ultrasounds.  And she helped deliver my son (she happens to be a labor and delivery nurse).  So when I found out she was pregnant, I knew I wanted to throw her a baby shower.  A few other friends and I got everything ready for her shower in June, while Amy prepared for her little girl’s August 13th due date.

Amy and her husband both like hunting, so we knew some camo items would be necessary.  Luckily, etsy  has everything!

My first purchase was this cute hat:


And these month by month stickers:

Then we found some cute invitations:

And started getting everything ready!  The shower arrived quickly and HJ and I headed to Des Moines for the big event.  The shower was held at a friend’s (beautiful) house and her husband kept the boys occupied.  So while the boys were doing things like this:

The ladies were doing things like…

Frosting duck cookies (the book is Welcome Little One…it is my go to shower gift!)

And tying pretty pink bows

We played games

Ate lots of yummy food and finished with cake

Amy opened tons of gifts and lots of cute little girl clothes.  And I loved getting to see her again!

Amy had a very difficult pregnancy and was actually induced a few weeks ago.  Her precious baby girl was born significantly early and spent her first three weeks of life in NICU.  Amy also continued to give us some scares and required a surgery and blood transfusions.  Luckily, both Amy and precious baby girl are at home now and feeling good!  I can not wait to go meet Amy’s precious little girl.

2 Thoughts on “Baby Love

  1. What sweet goodies! I love the duck cookies!

  2. What a lovely party!

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