Last week, my baby decided he was no longer a baby.  He is now a little boy (tear!).  Sunday night is when it started.  He REFUSED to get in his crib.  Any time I would get near the crib he would have a melt down.  And if I tried the “cry it out” method, he would just climb right on out and start sprinting through the house yelling, “Mom?  Mom?  Mama? MOMMY!!”.  This went on from his 8pm bedtime until I broke down at 1:30am.  I pulled him into bed with me.  HJ slept like…a baby.  I did not.  I tossed and turned, unable to get to sleep.

The next day at work, a few people mentioned letting him sleep in a “big boy bed”.  After my night of no sleep, I figured it was worth a shot.  So, Monday night I tried to put him in his crib for 20 minutes.  Then I pulled the mattress to the floor…and wouldn’t ya know the little monkey slept the rest of the night.  The next day I went to retrieve his twin bed mattress from my parents house and officially set up his “big boy bed”.

HJ has never been a great sleeper.  But ever since I put the twin mattress in his room, he has slept the ENTIRE NIGHT.  What the heck?!?!  I apparently should have started the twin bed when he hit the 6 month mark.


HJ in his BIG BOY BED!

I purchased his new bedding (I shudder at the thought of how much I spent on his room that he used for 1.5 years), and will put it up in his new room, here’s a sneak peek:


I also sent a picture of his bedding to an etsy store I love, LullabyArt, and look what she made!!


How cute are those??

So the big boy bed was a success.  By Tuesday, HJ decided the high chair was for babies as well…and he refuses to sit in it.  That is a whole lot of changes for this mama.

HJ and I have been busy little bees getting ready for the move.  We move in ONE WEEK!  Holy cow.  Hopefully the temperatures start to go below 100 degrees, or moving will not be fun.

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