Dear Lord, it takes me until Wednesday to get a weekend recap up…I have a toddler at home…

While my last post might lead you to think my weekend was depressing, that is not so.  I actually had a blast.  Last Friday, I got a call from one of my best and oldest friends (we met the 1st day of kindergarten).  She invited Hj and I up to her family’s lake house.  I quickly made a mental list of everything I needed to accomplish that day so that we could leave on Saturday…get snacks, make brownies, buy Hj a life jacket, pack, lose ten pounds, clean the house, find a dog sitter…

I was able to accomplish all but 1 thing on the list (can ya guess which one?).  Saturday came around and Hj and I loaded up the car (yes he helped, he carried a book!) and headed on our way.

The lake is only an hour and 20 minute drive.  Perfect nap time for my handsome little man and not long enough that I would get bored.  The only snafu we ran into was small towns in Iowa do not have “pay at the pump” options apparently.  I drove through 5 gas stations debating what to do…I even got out of my car and stared at a pump for quite a while trying to figure out how to work it.  Finally, with a tank full of gas (I caved and went inside old school style), we made it to my friend’s gorgeous lake house.  The lake is private (ou have to property there to use it), so it is not too busy.  And her parents and in-laws both have places there. 

She has 2 boys, so it took us a while to wrangle everyone up and get them in swim gear, bags packed for the boat and Hj to realize the life jacket was not going to harm him (although, when he would tip over he would flop around like a turtle on his back).  He loved looking at all the boats and didn’t even seem to mind the wind whipping him around.

The boys had fun checking out the scenery and dipping into the water.  After a few hours, we decided we should head in and eat.  My friends parents came over to eat and we even took the boys out on an ATV (Hj thought he was a cool kid on this). 

This is where I learned I am not the outdoorsy type.  My friends dad brought over a bucket of minnows.  The boys loved them.  They were reaching in the bucket and catching them and laughing.

I thought it was cute (but didn’t want to join in).  Then the fishing poles came out.  DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY DO WITH MINNOWS?!?!  My friend reached in the bucket and shoved a minnow on a hook!  I was disgusted, taken back and sad all at once!  Needless to say, I did not join in on the fishing activities (Hj enjoyed it though).  Fishing didn’t last to long, one of my friend’s boys decided to “set the minnows free”.  Which seems nice…only he set them free in the driveway and we didn’t notice in time.

After fishing, we had a campfire and made smores.  It was well past Hj’s bedtime when he finally got tucked in, but we had an awesome day!

The next morning we went on the boat and had brunch out on the deck…a perfect end to our lake trip!

Sidenote: smores isn’t a word on spell check…is this not a term that is well known???

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  1. yay, i love reading blogs by single mamas.

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