Over Easter (yes, this is waaaay overdue), HJ and I went to visit my sister’s fam.  The place that we had brunch at had a kid’s Easter egg hunt and petting zoo set up.  While HJ did not get any eggs (whoops), he really enjoyed seeing all sorts of animals.  I think having a large dog makes him a little less fearful than the average child.

The cow was about the size of Ty, our dog:

He also “meowed” at the goat, so we might need to work on our animals a bit more.

And what Iowa petting zoo wouldn’t have piglets?

More goats…I was amazed at how long their ears are!

And of course, since it was Easter, the bunny!

But HJ’s favorite?  This:

He was so excited!  I actually had to pry his fingers off the sterring wheel when it was time to go.

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