Sorry for not posting in a while!  HJ and I went on vacation!!!

We went to Kansas City to visit a friend and her family (she has a little boy 6 weeks older than HJ).  We went to the Kansas City Zoo and Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead.  The boys had so much fun playing together and the moms were…exhausted 🙂

Things I learned…

HJ WILL get a tooth as soon as we leave town

HJ can throw a sippy cup across a restaurant, having it hit a wall and shatter

My friend’s son will not once throw a temper tantrum

HJ will throw plenty

HJ has no fear of animals and will run after them, even if it means *almost* crashing into a  pond after an angry goose

It will rain on vacation (a lot)

5 hours in the car with an 18 month old is a great idea…wait, no

Due to tornadoes, make sure to have a place to stop and burn off energy..thank you kids area at the mall

These are just a few of the many lessons I learned!!!

I will post more on our adventures later, but wanted to let you all (all 4 of you??) where we were!

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