Aren’t you just itching to see progress on my house??  I AM!!!

Here is what we started with:

A lovely little dirt mound!

Which quickly changed to this:

While they set the foundation.


the foundation was set.

And suddenly, BAM!


And still has quite a way to go (clearly), but I feel like so much progress has been made!

2 Thoughts on “Progress!

  1. Wow! They really go up so fast! Congrats. I’m under contract on my first house as we speak, but it’s an old house that’s going to need lots of renovations…we’ll see how it goes!

    Great blog!

    • Thanks! Can’t wait to start decorating :). Congrats on your new place too, I am sure the renovations will be hard, but fun! BTW, I loved browsing through your blog, you are so creative.

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