A few weeks ago, a new family moved in next door.  I had not seen much of them until this past week (when the weather finally became nice!).  They have 3 young boys, the youngest is just a few months younger than HJ.  The past few days we have sat outside while the kids ran around having sword fights and getting skinned knees. 

I learned that they moved to Cedar Falls from Saudi Arabia  just over a year ago, and their youngest was born here.  The mom (I am trying hard to learn to pronounce her name) and her husband are both in grad school and absolutely love it here.  The family seems really nice and I know HJ loves them, so I am glad I finally have some people to talk to!

One of the first questions she asked me was, “What does your husband do?”  I responded with “Oh, I am not married”.  She looked shocked and confused.  She followed up with, “but where is his dad?”

I told her that he was not a part of HJ’s life.  She looked amazed.  I then learned that in her country, women have to get permission from men to basically do anything…so talking with someone who does it all alone was a completely new experience.  Then a squirrel ran by and she screamed “WHAT WAS THAT?!?!” and I burst out laughing.  I think it is safe to say we can both learn a lot from each other.

After talking for about an hour, I took HJ home for a bath.  About 30 minutes later my doorbell rang.  New neighbor brought over some food for me to try and said she would stop over this week to see how I liked it. 

I have no clue what it was…but it was good!!  The main dish was a curry (possibly) and some sort of meat (hopefully not that poor squirrel) and desert was a wonderful chocolate, wafer, coconut thingy.  HJ loved it all!

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