Remember that comic strip CATHY?  That’s how I picture the title to be…AKKK!

Yesterday was a whirlwind of a day.  Well, really just between the hours of 5-8pm.  I went to get HJ from daycare after work.  While pulling into the driveway, I see all the children running around playing.  But, I don’t see HJ.  Panic immediately sets in (mostly because I have become an anxiety-driven worry-wart since becoming a mother).  Then daycare lady starts looking around for HJ.  All of a sudden the next door neighbor shouts over, “You guys missing someone?”.

HJ loves dogs.  All dogs.  All sizes.  Neighbor lady has a dog that she brings over for the kids to pet once in a while.  Apparently, HJ figured out where the dog lived and went over to play.  So there he was, petting the puppy.  When I picked him up, he was a sweaty, stinky mess.  Covered in sunscreen and dirt.  Apparently, he had been outside for the last two hours and loved every second of it.

I tried to put HJ in the car,  and HOLY TEMPER TANTRUM.  After some hugging and pinning down, he was strapped in the car seat and ready to head home.  The whole 2 block drive, he shouted and sang.  He was all sorts of hopped up.

We got home where he instantly wanted his bunnies (crackers).  I went to work making dinner, while HJ went to work making a mess and chasing the poor dog with a potato masher.  I ran to save the dog and burned the turkey on the stove.  (my house still smells like burning food)  We settled down to eat, but it didn’t last long.  A bowl of pasta and marinara sauce was tossed to the floor and milk was splattered across the wall.  After getting everyone cleaned up (myself, HJ, the dog, the wall, the floor…), I decided we could burn off some energy by going on a walk.  I went to grab my shoes and throw my hair up and I heard  the dog food being thrown to the ground and a shrill giggle.  Two cups of dog food all over the kitchen floor, AKK!  I handed HJ his broom and grabbed mine.  We started cleaning up.  Well, at least I did, HJ just scattered the food across the floor even more.  I was able to gather most of the food up and put it in the dog bowl.  I stood up and heard the noise again…yup, sure enough HJ had thrown the food out.  This happened three times before I finally succeeded in out smarting the almost 18 month old.

I looked at the clock.  6:15.  Seriously.  All of that happened in less than an hour.  I was exhausted!  Luckily the walk calmed lil man down and we were able to get his bath in (with little splashing), cuddle and read stories.

One Thought on “AKK!

  1. Oh my! This story was so hilarious. I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing WITH YOU. I’ve so been there.

    When I was first divorced, my son was 5 and my daughter was 18 months old. My son was dealing with a lot of anger and confusion with the separation and took it out on his baby sister. Literally, any time I would leave the room, I would hear her shriek because he would just knock her to the ground – tackling her full force. It made me a nervous wreck!

    The good news is, THOSE types of things DO get easier over time. Right now, my son is in 5th grade and we have other issues to deal with like peer pressure and the difference between back talking and expressing an opinion. 😉

    Let’s be honest – there are always challenges to the single parent life. The good news is, HJ is so little and cuddly – and that doesn’t last for long. Savor this time. I was happy to read about your cuddle time before bed. Sometimes, those are the moments we live for — and the ones that keep us going … no?? 😉

    You’re doing a GREAT job – you sound like a GREAT mom. Keep on keepin on, girl! 😉

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