Sorry for not posting in a while!  HJ and I went on vacation!!!

We went to Kansas City to visit a friend and her family (she has a little boy 6 weeks older than HJ).  We went to the Kansas City Zoo and Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead.  The boys had so much fun playing together and the moms were…exhausted 🙂

Things I learned…

HJ WILL get a tooth as soon as we leave town

HJ can throw a sippy cup across a restaurant, having it hit a wall and shatter

My friend’s son will not once throw a temper tantrum

HJ will throw plenty

HJ has no fear of animals and will run after them, even if it means *almost* crashing into a  pond after an angry goose

It will rain on vacation (a lot)

5 hours in the car with an 18 month old is a great idea…wait, no

Due to tornadoes, make sure to have a place to stop and burn off energy..thank you kids area at the mall

These are just a few of the many lessons I learned!!!

I will post more on our adventures later, but wanted to let you all (all 4 of you??) where we were!

My due date was approaching (not quick enough in my mind).  November 9th.  I went to my weekly Doctor appointment that Monday, November 2nd.  After a quick check-up the doctor said, “You aren’t dilated, so I guess I will see you next week.”

Wah, wah.

The next morning (Nov. 3rd) I had to attend a resume work shop as part of my severance package for being “displaced” by my company.  I attended the 4 hour seminar, where I was unable to concentrate.  I think I was making other people nervous.  They kept mentioning how close my due date was and how I could leave if I needed to.  I felt fine, just annoyed that I was attending something for a job I no longer had.  After the seminar, I went home to walk the dog.  As we were getting back towards my apartment, I noticed my mom’s car in the parking lot.  “Oh lovely,” I thought, “a surprise out of town visitor with overnight bags in tow!”

I grumbled a hello and went inside.  My mom went to unpack, jabbering on about going to Peek-a-Boo baby to look at some “darling prints” or some crap  like that.  I was irritated.  I called my sister, “Ugh, mom showed up. “  My sister inquired as to why I was so annoyed.  I had no answer and realized I was being irrational/hormonal and set up reorganizing the kitchen cupboards.  Yes, the cupboards needed to be rearranged RIGHT NOW.

After a shopping adventure, my mom and I decided to make dinner.  I was whipping up some sweet potato fries in the kitchen when suddenly….”Um, mom?  My water just broke.”

She looked at me startled, “Are you sure?”

“Yep, pretty sure, can’t mistake that feeling.”

Having your water break only happens in around 1 out of 10 pregnancies (don’t quote me on that…), so I was a little shocked myself.  I had not even felt a contraction!  I called the doctor’s office (which was closed) and talked to the answering service.  “Yes, I am a patient there, and my water just broke.”

“Are you sure?”

Seriously?  After verifying it had in fact broke, she told me to get to the hospital ASAP.  I called my friend Amy, who was not only my wonderful labor and delivery coach, but a labor and delivery nurse at the hospital. “Hey Amy, my water broke.”

“Are you sure?” was her reply (naturally), “Some people just pee their pants.”

I was certain this was my water breaking and not a bladder mishap.  She told me to come in with my bags and HURRY!  I ran to grab my bag, camera, let the dog out, turn off the oven, clean up the kitchen.  Wait a second, my mom is here!  Why is she not helping while I run around all panicked!?!  There she is, on the computer.  “Hey, how do I send an email?”


“MOM!!  We have to go to the hospital, no emails!”

We get to the hospital where I am rushed to a room.  It is verified my water did in fact break, and I am dilated…to a one.  All of that for a frikken one.  Then all of a sudden I felt the first contraction.  The next thing I heard was “would you like your epidural?”


After that I spent the next hour or so watching TV (Biggest Loser) and talking.  Then they checked me again.  Before they checked, they said, “Don’t expect too much, you were only at a one.”  Then I heard, “Nine, you can start pushing!”

The next few hours (yes, hours) were a blur.  Pushing, back pain, not feeling anything from the waist down….Then the nurse left the room.  I heard her talking to someone about progression and something not going right.  Then the doctor and about 4 other people barreled into the room.  A quick check and the doctor said, “The umbilical cord is around the baby’s neck I need you to push.  The baby has to come out NOW.  I will use a vacuum to help, but you only get three tries and then we have to do a c-section.”

I did not spend three hours pushing to have a c-section.  Baby boy was coming out, and coming out healthy.  The doctor assisted with the vacuum once.  Then twice.  “Ok,” I was told, “This is it or we need to do a c-section.” 

I am fairly certain I was crying at this point.  But I pushed, and suddenly I heard the sweetest cry in the world.  A second later he was placed in my arms and I swooned over him, “Hi honey!  I love you.”  I have no idea what was going on around me after that.  I was so consumed with everything.  You always hear that you won’t understand the love someone has for their child until you have one of your own.  And WOW.

Little HJ came into the world at 3:15am on November 4th, weighing 6lbs, 15 oz.

We spent the next two days recovering at the hospital.  Families and friends visited, everyone wanting to give love to the sweetest little man.  I felt so blessed that this wonderful little child chose me as his mommy!

Aren’t you just itching to see progress on my house??  I AM!!!

Here is what we started with:

A lovely little dirt mound!

Which quickly changed to this:

While they set the foundation.


the foundation was set.

And suddenly, BAM!


And still has quite a way to go (clearly), but I feel like so much progress has been made!

A few weeks ago, a new family moved in next door.  I had not seen much of them until this past week (when the weather finally became nice!).  They have 3 young boys, the youngest is just a few months younger than HJ.  The past few days we have sat outside while the kids ran around having sword fights and getting skinned knees. 

I learned that they moved to Cedar Falls from Saudi Arabia  just over a year ago, and their youngest was born here.  The mom (I am trying hard to learn to pronounce her name) and her husband are both in grad school and absolutely love it here.  The family seems really nice and I know HJ loves them, so I am glad I finally have some people to talk to!

One of the first questions she asked me was, “What does your husband do?”  I responded with “Oh, I am not married”.  She looked shocked and confused.  She followed up with, “but where is his dad?”

I told her that he was not a part of HJ’s life.  She looked amazed.  I then learned that in her country, women have to get permission from men to basically do anything…so talking with someone who does it all alone was a completely new experience.  Then a squirrel ran by and she screamed “WHAT WAS THAT?!?!” and I burst out laughing.  I think it is safe to say we can both learn a lot from each other.

After talking for about an hour, I took HJ home for a bath.  About 30 minutes later my doorbell rang.  New neighbor brought over some food for me to try and said she would stop over this week to see how I liked it. 

I have no clue what it was…but it was good!!  The main dish was a curry (possibly) and some sort of meat (hopefully not that poor squirrel) and desert was a wonderful chocolate, wafer, coconut thingy.  HJ loved it all!

It was bound to happen sooner or later.  I was hoping for the later.  When I felt more prepared.  Prepared with an answer that would satisfy the curious minds.

This morning when I dropped HJ off at daycare, one of the little boys asked Miss K, “Can I please ask her?  I need to know!!”

Miss K said, “We are starting to work on Father’s Day gifts, and I told the kids that we would make HJ’s for his papa, is that ok?”

That wasn’t so hard.  I could handle that question.  But then, the little boy said, “But won’t that make his dad sad?  Why can’t we just make 2?  What’s his dad’s name?”


“HJ doesn’t have a dad, so you can just make one for his papa”  I said.  Hoping that would answer everything.  But of course, it didn’t.

“Does his dad not like him?”

I felt my heart crumble.  I must have looked completely flustered.  Luckily, the little boy followed up with “How could you not love HJ?”

I know in the coming years this question will get asked  a million times and I dread the day my sweet little one asks it himself.  Any advice on how to handle these questions without falling into a tearful mess?

Remember that comic strip CATHY?  That’s how I picture the title to be…AKKK!

Yesterday was a whirlwind of a day.  Well, really just between the hours of 5-8pm.  I went to get HJ from daycare after work.  While pulling into the driveway, I see all the children running around playing.  But, I don’t see HJ.  Panic immediately sets in (mostly because I have become an anxiety-driven worry-wart since becoming a mother).  Then daycare lady starts looking around for HJ.  All of a sudden the next door neighbor shouts over, “You guys missing someone?”.

HJ loves dogs.  All dogs.  All sizes.  Neighbor lady has a dog that she brings over for the kids to pet once in a while.  Apparently, HJ figured out where the dog lived and went over to play.  So there he was, petting the puppy.  When I picked him up, he was a sweaty, stinky mess.  Covered in sunscreen and dirt.  Apparently, he had been outside for the last two hours and loved every second of it.

I tried to put HJ in the car,  and HOLY TEMPER TANTRUM.  After some hugging and pinning down, he was strapped in the car seat and ready to head home.  The whole 2 block drive, he shouted and sang.  He was all sorts of hopped up.

We got home where he instantly wanted his bunnies (crackers).  I went to work making dinner, while HJ went to work making a mess and chasing the poor dog with a potato masher.  I ran to save the dog and burned the turkey on the stove.  (my house still smells like burning food)  We settled down to eat, but it didn’t last long.  A bowl of pasta and marinara sauce was tossed to the floor and milk was splattered across the wall.  After getting everyone cleaned up (myself, HJ, the dog, the wall, the floor…), I decided we could burn off some energy by going on a walk.  I went to grab my shoes and throw my hair up and I heard  the dog food being thrown to the ground and a shrill giggle.  Two cups of dog food all over the kitchen floor, AKK!  I handed HJ his broom and grabbed mine.  We started cleaning up.  Well, at least I did, HJ just scattered the food across the floor even more.  I was able to gather most of the food up and put it in the dog bowl.  I stood up and heard the noise again…yup, sure enough HJ had thrown the food out.  This happened three times before I finally succeeded in out smarting the almost 18 month old.

I looked at the clock.  6:15.  Seriously.  All of that happened in less than an hour.  I was exhausted!  Luckily the walk calmed lil man down and we were able to get his bath in (with little splashing), cuddle and read stories.