Ground was officially broke for our new home today!  After looking at house after house and scouring I came across something very lucky.

Remember, I haven’t had too much luck lately.  I decided to keep quiet about this for a while, waiting for the moment where it fell through my fingers.  But, a contract is signed and ground has broken, so clearly it is happening!

You know those “this sounds too good to be true” moments?  Where you keep saying “sounds great, but what is the catch”?  I recently had one of those.

I had been told about a program in Iowa that was giving grants due to the recent flooding.  The cities are building new houses and then providing the down payment…of 25%…in a forgivable loan.  The only catch is, I have to own the house for 5 years for the loan to be 100% forgivable…otherwise it decreases 20% per year (so if I move out after 2 years, the loan is 40% forgiven).

So in the last month in a half, I met with the builder, picked out a floor plan(tweaked it to my liking), picked out cupboards, flooring, counters, colors, etc.  AND holy cow was it exciting/overwhelming!  All of the houses I would have been able to purchase were in need of lots and lots of work..but MY house is brand spankin’ new!  No upgrades needed!  EEKSSS!

HJ and I have been super excited looking at paint colors and getting new toys for the yard.  I am hoping to bring HJ by so he can see all the big trucks (he loooves big trucks). 

 I finally feel like a little luck has come our way and can not wait to finally have a HOME!

I am hoping to get some pictures posted of the progress…but first I have to get a camera that is not broken (whoops!).

2 Thoughts on “Home Sweet Home, err…Dirtmound

  1. Melissa on April 22, 2011 at 2:28 pm said:

    You and HJ deserve it! Enjoy this time and get ready for home ownership! It will be ALL yours!

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