I officially decided I need to make a little more “me” time.  I always feel guilty leaving little HJ.  Since he was born, I have MAYBE had 5 nights out.  Five nights where I can have an adult conversation.  Unlike most people with a baby, I do not have another adult in the house.  When he is in bed, I can’t sit on the couch and talk with someone.  My time is always with HJ.  And don’t get me wrong, I love our time.  But I feel like having time for myself would be a good way to recharge.  Heading out to dinner with friends (sans children), going for a jog, getting a pedicure…all sound like an amazing way to get back on track and remind myself that I am an adult.  A person who needs a little pampering and a little down time.   A little less time pushing toy cars and picking up legos and a little more lounging back with a mojito.  I forget what it feels like to spend more than 30 minutes getting ready to look hot for a night on the town.  I would love to be able to throw a cute dress on, a hot pair of heels and maybe even curl my hair.

Me time.

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