I love etsy.   Most of HJ’s bday party was decorated with etsy purchases, most of my Christmas gifts were purchased through etsy.  And I love scouring the pages to find cute and unique things.  Here are some of my current favorites:


Love the bracelet.  I wear my HJ necklace everyday, but think the bracelet would be a little something extra.


She makes some of the cutest hats.  I know first hand, look…

HJ had a frog theme birthday party, and this picture graced his invites (also an etsy purchase).

I wish I was patient enough to do something like this:


on a wall at my new house.  But I don’t know if I will be able to hack it.  Especially this one:


But seeing as how I have never even painted a wall, I don’t know if I should attempt this one quite yet!

I am planning a baby shower for a friend of mine and I LOVE this invite:


I am hoping I can convince the person helping throw the shower of the adorable-ness 🙂

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