HJ and I had a busy weekend!  Tonight will be our first night at home, just the 2 of us, since last Wed., yikes!!!

My sister and her kids came to visit for the weekend.  So Friday night, the WHOLE family went to OP for pizza.  Hawaiian pizza.  My favorite.  HJ loved it too, he also loved bread sticks anddd seeing his aunt and cousins. 

Saturday morning, HJ and I quickly got a little housework in (he LOVES sweeping), a quick grocery run in and ran to the doctor for an ear infection (poor baby)/picked up a prescription!  All before meeting the family at 10:30 to go to Hartman Reserve for the Annual Pancake Breakfast.  I had been talking this event up for weeks to the family.  Mainly because I love pancakes.  So do other people apparently.  The line to eat was an estimated 1.5 hours.  With 3 little pancake hungry little ones, we knew waiting in the cold would not be a good idea.  Nana decided we should go to Waffle Stop.  That way the kids could still have pancakes.

We ordered WAY too much food.  Pancakes, waffles, cinnamon rolls, eggs, hashbrowns, sausage, coffee, juice, HOLY SMOKES.  My meal alone came on 3 plates.  My niece and nephew ate their pancakes in about 2 minutes and were ready to go.  HJ is a bit different.  He nibbled a few bites, looked around, shoved half a pancake in, talked to the workers…

The rest of the family loaded into the cars, while HJ and I sat and nibbled some more.  He wasn’t quite ready to go.  Eventually, I got HJ to head out.  We ran to my parents house, where HJ settled into his crib and my sis, dad and myself went out to do some “house stuff” for me.

Then back to Nana and Papa’s to play and make dinner.  HJ and I finally left right before his bedtime.  The next morning, HJ and I got up and went back to Nana and Papa’s for a yummy breakfast (almost Waffle Stop quality!) and hung out with the cousins until they had to leave.  It is so much fun watching how much more HJ is interacting with his cousins.  He is such a “kid” now!!

After an afternoon nap, HJ, Nana and myself went to Gallagher-Bluedorn to see a play!  Giggle, Giggle, Quack.  I had no expectations for how HJ would be at the show.  I figured we MIGHT make it 10 minutes.  BUT!  He surprised me!  He watched the show!  He laughed!  He clapped!  He waved to the actors!  He even did the “sign” for more when the duck did a silly dance!  He didn’t get restless until the last 5 minutes!  I WAS SO PROUD!

After the play, we went to great grandma and grandpa’s for dinner.  HJ  decided he had enough and was almost falling asleep in his high chair.  It was time for our family filled weekend to come to an end.  He fell asleep on the drive home.  Then again when I got him ready for bed.  Poor tired punkin’.

Family time is always fun, but I am definitely ready for a night at home with my baby!!

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