Daycare was a huge decision for me as a mom.  I started looking when I was about 14 weeks pregnant, because I wanted to find the “perfect” in home spot for my little punkin’.

While I was searching, I came across a cute in-home just 2 blocks away from my West Des Moines apartment.  She was nice, supportive and a neat freak.  I just knew my handsome lil man would love her.  Once I started back to work, I went through a phase where I could not stand being away from him.  I hated every second.  Some other women holding, feeding and changing HJ…ugh.  After about 2 weeks, I still had this strange feeling something wasn’t right.  I told myself I was just being a paranoid mom and to ignore it.

That is when Daycare Lady (DCL) started sending me texts at work saying “he won’t take a bottle because you breastfeed” “he needs to be held all the time, you spoil him”.  As a new mom, these are not texts you like to get at work.  So I would start crying and call to check on my baby.

DCL always said how difficult HJ was.  Most demanding baby ever.  Will never take breastfed kids after this.  So needy.  Now it was really bothering me.  Everyone else had always told me how easy HJ was and how lucky I am.  I even had friends give him bottles to make sure he wasn’t really refusing them (which he took completely fine).

My motherly instincts were starting to kick in, but I still thought I might be overreacting.

While sitting at work one day I received a text, yes a text (and no, she was not a 15 year old girl) that said “I can’t handle him anymore I am giving you my two weeks” I jumped out of my desk and left my office.  What could a 15 week old baby have possibly done to make a person (and a daycare provider at that) say something like that?  Apparently he had be crying and upset all day.

I was livid.  I quickly went to her house and stormed in.  I grabbed my baby and said “that was not an appropriate thing to send over text.  If you need to talk to me you can call me and have a conversation”.  I took HJ to the doctor right away, because something was not right.  The doctor diagnosed him with an ear infection.  So that is why he had been crying.  Poor baby was in pain.  I called DCL to tell her the diagnosis.  She followed up by saying “well maybe we can work it out then” No.  If you can not handle a 15 week old, you will not be watching my child.

I found a friend to babysit for the next couple of weeks.  I went from daycare to daycare, but was a little hesitant about any place due to my first experience.  I finally settled on one.  After being there for 1 day HJ started sleeping through the night.  After 3 days new DCL said “He is one of the easiest babies I have ever had”.  I really wanted her to call old, evil DCL and tell her that.

I now know, as a mother, trust those instincts.  I wish I would have taken him out of that daycare right away.  Thinking about what he went through those first few months still brings me to tears.

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