I am lucky that my parents love little HJ to bits and were very excited when I asked them to watch him over night on Saturday!  Meaning, I got to have a night out.

Two of my good college friends, Danielle and Allison, wanted to hit up the old college stomping grounds.  They arrived on Saturday, and wasted no time at heading to the OP for some bread sticks.  A college dietary staple. 

After that, we went down to Main Street.  The search was on for a wedding veil for Danielle.  Unfortunately, the wedding store is quite small and was completely taken over with high school girls pushing and shoving us around for prom dresses.  And HJ almost knocked over a display.  Coffee was needed. 

We then went to a cute little coffee shop on the corner of first and main.  We took over a couch area, and HJ loved sitting by the window and waving to everyone and everything.  It was nice to get caught up and also having them get to know my sweet guy (they had not seen him in quite some time!).

Then, it was time to say goodbye to HJ and get ready for our night.  Of course, I was sad and felt guilty.  But a Raspberry Mojito at Montage made me feel almost back to normal.  We had an awesome dinner and amazing desert (chocolate souffle!!!!), and then decided to hit up Toad’s for the next round of beverages.  This is where we learned we are clearly getting old.  Danielle brought up the fact that she would be totally cool with just heading back to my house to hang out.  So we finished up our drinks and went home at 10:30 to just lounge around and talk.

Not quite a wild and crazy night out…

But, sometimes catching up is better when you can relax on the couch in sweatpants 🙂

And of course, we went to Waffle Stop in the morning to get coffee…and the best cinnamon roll I have ever had.  Seriously.

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