I decided last night that I am done being sick this winter.  HJ and I had a long discussion about germs, hand washing, no kissing kids at daycare and no eating things off the floor.  We both agreed it would be best to remain healthy the rest of the year.

After a lovely 24 hour flu bug, I am feeling better, not 100%, but on the way.  I also was put on numerous meds and HJ is still on his neb treatments….my house is looking like a pharmacy and I am sure my insurance deductible will be paid off in no time this year.  BUT I am refusing to get sick anymore and HJ was cool with that too, so cheers to a healthy 2011!!

I was lucky enough that “Nana” came to our rescue on Tuesday and was able to get HJ out the door.  Later in the day she brought me soup and Gatorade and even stayed until HJ was tucked into bed.  She came back yesterday to pick the little man up from daycare, but I was feeling much better and spent the evening laying on the floor while HJ ran laps around me.  Literally.

And, I have to be completely better for this weekend.  Two of my favorite people are coming to visit me and I have not seen them in a long time!  We are looking forward to a girls night out on main street in Cedar Falls, and I have to be in tip-top shape for that 🙂

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