About a month before HJ’s first birthday, I decided I really wanted him to learn to point to his nose.  He had belly button down, and I thought it was time to move on.  For weeks I would point to my nose, his nose, the dog’s nose.  Every meal I would point over and over and say “nose, nose…”.  And he pretty much ignored me.  This went on for about a month.  Then one day my mom said she had been working on it with him, and he that when she said “point to your eyes” he pointed to his eyes so hard, that he poked himself in the eye!  This was news to me, I could only get HJ to point to his belly button!  I finally brought it up to his daycare, Miss K.  I explained to her how I had been working so hard, but little HJ just couldn’t get it.

Miss K gave me a strange look and started laughing.  She then proceeded to tell me that HJ eagerly participates in the entire Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes song.  She started singing and HJ looked at me with a silly expression and started laughing.  Sure enough, not only could he point to his nose, but also his eyes, ears and mouth.  HJ was definitely tricking me at home.

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