HJ and I have been very lucky so far.  Since he has been born, we have only had a few colds to struggle through.  Kids at daycare would be sick for days and I would think for sure we were next on the list, but HJ never feel victim.  I know breastfeeding helped with that, and I was worried when we stopped that he would get sick.

Then came Friday.  I woke up thinking something was not right.  Every muscle hurt, my throat was on fire, I could hardly get enough strength to get HJ out of his crib.  I struggled, but managed to get him to daycare and myself to work (yes, dumb, I know).  After a few hours I realized it was not getting better, just worse.  I went right to the doctor.  Strep Throat.  UGH.  They gave me the 2 for 1 special and I was able to get medicine for both HJ and myself.  I went home and passed out for a few hours.  When I got up, I did what every adult does.  I called my mom.  

Luckily, she came to the rescue and helped nurse us back to health.  HJ still has a fever, but is home with nana today, while I am feeling 85% better and not at home.

Hopefully we will both be back to our old selves in another day or two!

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