HJ and I were at Target, stocking up on all the essentials (ie, I was looking at clothing).  I had given HJ a snack trap full of puffs. 

I love snack traps, whoever invented them is a genius.  They are little containers with a lid that you can reach in and grab small snacks, but it won’t spill if someone throws or shakes them.

HJ gets excited just seeing the snack trap, because he knows it’s full of goodies!!

Anyway…at Target with the snack trap…

I notice it is running low on puffs, so I go to refill it.  That is when I notice something in the snack trap doesn’t look right.  It is not “puff” like at all.  I take off the lid and shriek (yes, out loud, at Target).  OMG.  HJ put dog food in his snack trap.  Eww.

HJ is thrilled with my reaction and starts cracking up, which makes me laugh.  So there we are, laughing in the middle of target, with a snack trap full of dog food…ok so it wasn’t full, there were only 3 pieces, but still.  I am not sure if any of the dog food was consumed or not, I keep telling myself it wasn’t.

After our Target run, we are at home.  HJ is holding a different snack trap and walks right over to the dog food bowl, where he proceeds to take the food out and put it in his snack trap yet again.  I think I will definitely be keeping a closer eye on him!

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