One of my dear friends is a first grade teacher.  She has mentioned that every fall before school starts, about 90-95% of the parents of her students reach out to her.  The reason?  To let her know that their child is extremely gifted.  That their child might need harder challenges than the rest of the classroom and that their little angel is going to basically blow her out of the water with their genius-ness.

I have vowed to never be one of those parents.  I don’t want to think my child is something he is not.  I want to encourage him to do his best in everything, but not push to hard.  He may not be the smartest kid in class or the best on the team, but I want him to try.

That’s why you should completely believe me when I say this…

My child is a GENIUS. 

Seriously.  He is amazing.  He constantly does things that I sit there smiling and thinking “how does he know how to do that?”.  Sure, he has his moments where he throws things in the toilet or tries eating dog food, but for the most part, pure intelligence.  I am floored numerous times a day with his skills.  When did he learn to moo?  Who taught him to stack legos?  How does he know how to play fetch with the dog?

Oh crap, I might be one of those parents.

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