It’s amazing how much has changed in two years. 

Two years ago this weekend, I had a much different experience.  Friday night, my friend Rebecca had just become engaged.  She called me to see if I wanted to have a relaxing night in and help her with some planning.  She showed up a while later and started scouring for cute wedding ideas We opened a bottle of wine….which we totally picked based on the cuteness of the label.  An hour later, with the wine running low, we received a text from her fiance to head to the West Glen bars.  So much for a relaxing night in.  After running between the Piano Bar, Caberet and Tonic, it quickly turned to 2 am and we headed to El Rey for a late night burrito run.

My Saturday started by sleeping in until around 9 or 10, and then lounging on the coach with the dog and a cup of coffee.  I ran to the gym and then to the mall (had to get a new outfit for the wild Saturday night).  I finally started getting ready in the late afternoon.  A few of my friends were going out for dinner and then to an Iowa Energy game.  With all my free time, I was able to spend hours getting ready and finding the perfect outfit.  I was excited to rock  new shoes that night, my cherry red, wizard of oz inspired heels.

Lulu and I went to Centro for dinner and drinks.  While we were ordering our after dinner drinks, her older gentleman friend “showed up”.  He always arrived at the end of our meals, ordered us desert, paid our tab and left.  After an amazing creme brule and espresso martini, we headed to the Iowa Energy game where we had court side seats.  We cheered, we drank and we ran into college friends who invited us to an after hours party. 

We left the game a little early to meet up with HIM (DB).  He was at the downtown bars with some friends.  I walked into AK’s and searched the bar for him.  I caught his smile from across the bar, he always got my attention with his dimples.  We spent the next few hours jumping from bar to bar, dancing, laughing, taking shots…the usual.  DB and I went to our friends afterhours party and finally called it a night at 4am.  We woke up the next day around 11am and ran to grab a  quick brunch.  We spent the afternoon lounging around, and finally getting some rest.

Fast forward two years…

Friday night, I cleaned the bathroom and was in bed by 9:30.  My Saturday was spent doing laundry, playing with cars and building a Lego tower.  A friend and I took our boys to lunch and Saturday night, HJ and I went to Nana and Papa’s for dinner.  And I think I might call it a night soon.

If you would have told me two years ago this is what I would be doing, I would have laughed (or cried).  But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

One Thought on “Two Years.

  1. I love this! My friends with children say things all the time about “life before kids” like~ I miss my free time or I just need adult time… I don’t agree with them at all. I’m so happy being a mom!! The old days were great and these days are better!

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