Hj can say a few words, nothing to crazy.  Mom, Nana, Yes and he is extremely good at NO.  He really surprised me this past weekend though.  Out of nowhere came “blueberry”.  Seriously.  Luckily, other people were in the room…and we all agreed, Hj said blueberry.

I tested it later on at dinner, to make sure it wasn’t a fluke.  I pulled out Hj’s favorite food, blueberries!  Blueberries literally make him bounce up and down.  So he was bouncing and shouting, urging me to put them on the dang tray already.

“Say blueberry Hj!”

He stopped bouncing, looked right at him at SCREAMED “BLUESBERRIESSSS!”  (he has a slight russian accent when he says it)

He was not joking around anymore.  He knows how to say the word, hand over the berries lady.  I quickly cut the blueberries up and handed them over, so little one could shovel them in his face at a ridiculous speed.

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