HJ and I were at Target, stocking up on all the essentials (ie, I was looking at clothing).  I had given HJ a snack trap full of puffs. 

I love snack traps, whoever invented them is a genius.  They are little containers with a lid that you can reach in and grab small snacks, but it won’t spill if someone throws or shakes them.

HJ gets excited just seeing the snack trap, because he knows it’s full of goodies!!

Anyway…at Target with the snack trap…

I notice it is running low on puffs, so I go to refill it.  That is when I notice something in the snack trap doesn’t look right.  It is not “puff” like at all.  I take off the lid and shriek (yes, out loud, at Target).  OMG.  HJ put dog food in his snack trap.  Eww.

HJ is thrilled with my reaction and starts cracking up, which makes me laugh.  So there we are, laughing in the middle of target, with a snack trap full of dog food…ok so it wasn’t full, there were only 3 pieces, but still.  I am not sure if any of the dog food was consumed or not, I keep telling myself it wasn’t.

After our Target run, we are at home.  HJ is holding a different snack trap and walks right over to the dog food bowl, where he proceeds to take the food out and put it in his snack trap yet again.  I think I will definitely be keeping a closer eye on him!

One of my dear friends is a first grade teacher.  She has mentioned that every fall before school starts, about 90-95% of the parents of her students reach out to her.  The reason?  To let her know that their child is extremely gifted.  That their child might need harder challenges than the rest of the classroom and that their little angel is going to basically blow her out of the water with their genius-ness.

I have vowed to never be one of those parents.  I don’t want to think my child is something he is not.  I want to encourage him to do his best in everything, but not push to hard.  He may not be the smartest kid in class or the best on the team, but I want him to try.

That’s why you should completely believe me when I say this…

My child is a GENIUS. 

Seriously.  He is amazing.  He constantly does things that I sit there smiling and thinking “how does he know how to do that?”.  Sure, he has his moments where he throws things in the toilet or tries eating dog food, but for the most part, pure intelligence.  I am floored numerous times a day with his skills.  When did he learn to moo?  Who taught him to stack legos?  How does he know how to play fetch with the dog?

Oh crap, I might be one of those parents.

It’s amazing how much has changed in two years. 

Two years ago this weekend, I had a much different experience.  Friday night, my friend Rebecca had just become engaged.  She called me to see if I wanted to have a relaxing night in and help her with some planning.  She showed up a while later and started scouring etsy.com for cute wedding ideas We opened a bottle of wine….which we totally picked based on the cuteness of the label.  An hour later, with the wine running low, we received a text from her fiance to head to the West Glen bars.  So much for a relaxing night in.  After running between the Piano Bar, Caberet and Tonic, it quickly turned to 2 am and we headed to El Rey for a late night burrito run.

My Saturday started by sleeping in until around 9 or 10, and then lounging on the coach with the dog and a cup of coffee.  I ran to the gym and then to the mall (had to get a new outfit for the wild Saturday night).  I finally started getting ready in the late afternoon.  A few of my friends were going out for dinner and then to an Iowa Energy game.  With all my free time, I was able to spend hours getting ready and finding the perfect outfit.  I was excited to rock  new shoes that night, my cherry red, wizard of oz inspired heels.

Lulu and I went to Centro for dinner and drinks.  While we were ordering our after dinner drinks, her older gentleman friend “showed up”.  He always arrived at the end of our meals, ordered us desert, paid our tab and left.  After an amazing creme brule and espresso martini, we headed to the Iowa Energy game where we had court side seats.  We cheered, we drank and we ran into college friends who invited us to an after hours party. 

We left the game a little early to meet up with HIM (DB).  He was at the downtown bars with some friends.  I walked into AK’s and searched the bar for him.  I caught his smile from across the bar, he always got my attention with his dimples.  We spent the next few hours jumping from bar to bar, dancing, laughing, taking shots…the usual.  DB and I went to our friends afterhours party and finally called it a night at 4am.  We woke up the next day around 11am and ran to grab a  quick brunch.  We spent the afternoon lounging around, and finally getting some rest.

Fast forward two years…

Friday night, I cleaned the bathroom and was in bed by 9:30.  My Saturday was spent doing laundry, playing with cars and building a Lego tower.  A friend and I took our boys to lunch and Saturday night, HJ and I went to Nana and Papa’s for dinner.  And I think I might call it a night soon.

If you would have told me two years ago this is what I would be doing, I would have laughed (or cried).  But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Hj can say a few words, nothing to crazy.  Mom, Nana, Yes and he is extremely good at NO.  He really surprised me this past weekend though.  Out of nowhere came “blueberry”.  Seriously.  Luckily, other people were in the room…and we all agreed, Hj said blueberry.

I tested it later on at dinner, to make sure it wasn’t a fluke.  I pulled out Hj’s favorite food, blueberries!  Blueberries literally make him bounce up and down.  So he was bouncing and shouting, urging me to put them on the dang tray already.

“Say blueberry Hj!”

He stopped bouncing, looked right at him at SCREAMED “BLUESBERRIESSSS!”  (he has a slight russian accent when he says it)

He was not joking around anymore.  He knows how to say the word, hand over the berries lady.  I quickly cut the blueberries up and handed them over, so little one could shovel them in his face at a ridiculous speed.

HJ is part monkey.  He climbs anything and everything…and then tries to fly off of it.  He is not a cautious child by any means.  This keeps me on my toes.

Here is what we encountered this weekend…

He was laughing the whole time he stood on top of the flimsy cardboard box, while I was saying “Get down before you get hurt!!”

And then HJ toppled over.  You would think this would make him second guess climbing.

It only made him second guess climbing on top of the box.  He went straight for the table this time around.  He stood on top of the table and squealed with delight (there is no picture of the victory squeal…by that time I was a nervous wreck and standing next to him in fear).

**sorry about the photo quality, my phone was the only thing next to me at the time!

I can hear lil Hj rustling around in his crib from my room.  This is our typical 6am wake up call.  I try laying super still, thinking maybe just this once we can sleep in a bit longer.  But no, Hj s ready to start his day!  I go to his room and turn on the light, his eyes open wide and he starts running around his crib in panic mode.  He HAS to collect every binky he can before I reach him.  I pull my sleepy baby out of his crib, while he grips 4 binkies with the jaws of life.

“Alright Honey Bear, time to say bye-bye binky”

Hj shakes his head no.

“Bedtime binkies!  Say bye.”

One by one, each binky is reluctantly thrown with as much power as a 14 month old can muster.  The last one stays in his mouth.  I get a glare that says “nope, not getting rid of it”.

“Bye-bye!  Ty is waiting for us.”

At the mention of the dogs name, the binky gets the hardest throw yet.  Then Hj starts barking and waving hello as quickly as he can.  Ty comes barreling in the room and Hj squeals with delight.  The first smile of the day spreads across his face.  I set Hj down so he can run over and give the 90 pound dog a bear hug (whether the dog wants one or not).

I FINALLY get a smile and a hug when Hj sees me holding a bottle.  He settles into my lab for a morning snuggle that last a whopping 3 minutes before he is racing off to find his cars.

I  better get some coffee made ASAP.