A few months back, my grandma moved out of her house.  Her and my grandpa moved into the house in the 1950’s, so to say the house was full of fun little treasures is an understatement.  Can you imagine all the stuff that accumulates after living somewhere over 60 years?

In the downstairs laundry room, I uncovered a table that I some missed over my last 34 years.  The second I laid eyes on it I claimed it.  I assumed everyone would be jealous, but instead they all looked at me like I was bonkers.  But I knew, it could be super cute with a little TLC.


Okay, a lot of TLC.  I mean, it was basically rust.  I started by hosing and scrubbing it down really good.  Then, I took a wire brush and sandpaper to some of the really bad rust spots.  I covered up the stainless steel top with a garbage bag and tape, and I started with a quick coat of Rust-Reformer.  Pretty sure it’s for cars, but this was metal too.  I then added a coat of metal primer, this would make it easier to have the color stick.

I decided to go with a pretty mint color.  It took about two coats to color, and while the rust cover isn’t perfect, it looks amazingly better.

I then finished up by adding new hardware to the drawer.  I didn’t want something that would stand out, so I opted for little crystal knobs.


It is now sitting pretty on my deck with a flower pot.  I am hoping the Iowa weather isn’t to hard on it this summer, because eventually it would be super cute inside a house somewhere!

It’s hard to believe my baby boy is 6 and a half.  He says things now like “dude” and “sup”.  He no longer wants to be called handsome or cute, but you can tell him he looks cool.

FullSizeRender (22)

We started his half birthday celebration with a Mother’s Day brunch.  Then, the rest of the day was all his.

We started by going to the humane society so HJ could read a story to a dog.  The sweet little pup he read to just wanted to play, but HJ did a good job of reading her a story.

IMG_5876 (1)

That night, we had family over for pizza (HJ’s choice).  And of course had half a cake with 6 and a half candles.



A new child in our neighborhood was recently at our house.  Out of the blue, he asked me, “does HJ get a whoopin’ when he’s in trouble?”

HJ responded with, “What’s a whooping?”

I told him it is when someone hurts you for doing something wrong.

HJ said, “Oh, you do that all the time when I am in trouble.”

Oh my goodness, what in the world.

“HJ, what happens when you get in trouble?”

He told the neighbor boy and me, “I have to go to my room until I am ready to apologize, then I talk to mom and we hug.”

“Right, so how is that a whooping?”

His response was, “because it hurts my feelings.”

Hopefully I cleared up the difference between being physically hurt and having hurt feelings.


Before HJ was born, my mom painted a nightstand for him.  It was green, and cute.  And it had been mine.  And my sisters.  And my mom’s.  And her mom’s.  And at least one more generation beyond that.  So…it’s had some use.  One day, while shutting a drawer, the wood just sort of fell apart.  We continued to use it while I searched and searched for one.

Finally, I came across one on craigslist.  $8, real wood, need gone.

I sent a text to the number.  The responder text back super fast with numerous pictures.  Confirmed it was real wood.  It said I could get it that day!  I asked where we could meet. She said she didn’t have a car but I could go get it.

I said, sorry I am not comfortable with that.  Then deleted it and asked where she was.

She mentioned a trailer park in town.  One that is not known for its friendly, neighborly ways.

So I did what any sane person in need of a deal does.  I put my scary looking dog in the back seat, let my neighbor know I would call in 5 minutes (and if I didn’t to call the police) and made my way into the trailer park.

I should point out my scary looking dog is terrified of car rides and was shaking like a leaf in the backseat.

As I got closer to the meeting point, I started getting nervous and actually had 911 ready to go on my phone.  But lucky me…the police were already there.  Woohoo!  I figured she wouldn’t do anything crazy to me for a $8 night stand in front of the cops, so I was a bit more comfortable.  She came outside, got scared of the cops and ran very fast back inside as I gave her the money.

As I was driving home, I realized I forgot to ask a vital question.  “Does anyone smoke in the house?”.  It smelled awful.

This meant I left the nightstand in the garage for about 3 weeks, covered in baking soda (thanks, pinterest!).

Then, I had to sand it down really well.  It had gouges, some weird ring marks, sticker marks, you name it.  I also took of the ugly drawer pull and threw it away.


I had navy chalk paint left over from HJ’s bed, and after a few coats, it started looking MUCH better.  I let HJ pick out his own drawer pulls, which led to these cute little fox heads.


I also wanted to add a bit more of it, so I taped off the top edge and made it white.  I also saw the cute basket at Target with a chalkboard, and added that underneath.  I love that it matches his bed, it looks like such a cute little set!


Anyone else have a craigslist adventure story?  Usually I will only go to neighborhoods I am familiar with, so this one was very different for me!


It has been 7 years since a judge granted me sole custody of little HJ.  You hear about people going through custody battles all the time.  Mine was a bit different than most.  It wasn’t a battle at all.

After talking with a lawyer, it was decided that my best course of action would be for HJ’s father to sign off on all custody.  That way, if there ever came a time where he decided he wanted to be in HJ’s life, I could have control of how that worked.

Without this agreement, he could have came forward at any time and be given 50% custody.

When I asked him to sign away all custody, he agreed without a fight.  He was relieved that is what I wanted.  It hurt that he was willing to give HJ up so easily.  I didn’t understand since he was (is) my everything.

The lawyer was amazed that he asked how quickly it could be done.

I always thought there would come a time that he would ask to meet his son.  Or even ask for a picture.  For the first few years of HJ’s life, I would let him know that I was willing to let him be involved.

The last time we talked was over 3 years ago, close to 4.  I don’t even remember what it was about.  I just know he wants nothing to do with my son.  I wonder if he ever thinks about him, wonders about him.  Part of me thinks that HJ never even crosses his mind.  I wonder if he realized he made a huge mistake, or if he still doesn’t care.


I walked into the living room, and grabbed my water glass off the coffee table.  As I take a big drink, HJ starts laughing.  Like, hysterically laughing.

I cautiously look at him while setting my glass down and say, “What in the world are you laughing at?”

“I am laughing because YOU are sharing a water with the DOG!”

“What are you talking about?!?!”

Apparently, when I walked away from my water glass, the dog walked up to the coffee table, and helped himself to my water.  I have no idea if this has happened before, or how many times I could have possibly drank from the same glass as my dog.  All I know is I have seen how much he slobbers in his own water bowl.  Ew.



Inline image 1

It’s time for Shopbop’s SPRING SALE!  I absolutely love shopping for new season’s, especially when that season is bringing sunshine and melting snow!

I always like to start spring with switching my handbag out.  And the pastel colors are my current favorite.  Check out this Clare V. Mick tote…


I am also ready for sandal weather, and love these cute and casual gladiator sandals


The best part of the Shopbop Spring Sale is, the more you buy, the more you save!  The sale is going on RIGHT NOW, until March 5th at 11:59 pm Pacific time.  Happy shopping :).

PicMonkey Collage

I had been looking around for a new night stand to redo for HJ’s room.  Instead, I came across a pair and decided to upgrade my own.  I paid $10 on craigslist, grabbed some grey paint and brought them home.

I started by cleaning them.  And they were nasty.  I won’t get into too many details, but I have no idea why someone would keep nail clippings.


I sanded them, even though it is a laminate, and then sprayed them with a primer.  With a non real wood, I wanted to make sure the paint would stick and not easily chip.  Then I started painting them.  After the first coat, I thought I might have to just throw them out they were in such bad shape.  But I figured I would keep going just in case.  I painted the drawers with grey around the edges, and a white rectangle…but something seemed off.  So then I painted a white stripe across the drawer.  Still, didn’t love it.  Then, I realized I was trying to do too much.  I settled for the top drawers to have a stripe, and the bottoms would be grey.


Then, I went to Hobby Lobby and grabbed some adorable draw pulls.  I also got a mint paint for the inside of the drawers and some cute contact paper to line the drawers.  When everything was done, I sprayed with a polyurethane to help “seal” it.


Somehow, this ended up being one of my favorite re-dos.  Maybe it was because they were so hideous and nasty to start with, but I love how they turns out!



HJ was lucky enough to score 2 snow days this week.  I was lucky enough to score one.  Every now and then, it’s nice to be “trapped” in the house.

During the afternoon, I suggested we get HJ’s valentine box ready for school.  His school asks that all the kids bring in a decorated box.  I much prefer them doing it at school…

I asked HJ how he wanted to do it, and he instantly responded with PIKACHU!

I should have known.

I thought up a few ideas, and we started running around the house gathering materials.  We grabbed glue, construction paper, scissors, and round items to trace (like a marker lid, shot glass, etc.).

I started by tracing yellow rectangles to cover the box entirely, while HJ cut and glued them on the box.  Then, I had HJ trace circles for the eyes (2 black, 2 white), and red for the cheeks.  While he cut those, I free cut the two ears.  Once the ears were cut, I had HJ color in the black while I cut out a little oval for the nose.  HJ also decided he knew exactly how to make the arms and tail.  So while he cut out an elaborate zig zag tail, I cut out the hearts.  I had HJ write his name on a heart, so everyone would know it was his valentine mailbox.

HJ and I both think it turned out cute, and he can hardly wait to bring it to school for the Valentine’s party.